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Pure Milk Topping

Pure Milk Topping

Chocolate for chocolates, sculptures, bars, decorations and other preparations.
Can be used in the preparation of ganaches, cakes and desserts.

– High fluidity;
– Easy to work with;
– Glossy;
– Produced with cocoa butter and natural vanilla.

Bag 850 gr


Preparation Modes:

1. Place the chocolate in a bowl (suitable for microwaving) and microwave (at medium temperature, stirring so as not to burn) until it reaches 40ºC.
2. Pour 2/3 of the melted chocolate onto a marble or stainless steel table, using a spatula, stir it with quick, enveloping movements until it reaches 27ºC.
3. Put it back in the bowl with the remaining chocolate, check that it reaches 30/31ºC. The chocolate is ready to be turned into bonbons.