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Pop Eye Trolli 21x75g

Pop Eye Trolli 21x75g

Reference: 10602

Brand: Trolli

Weight: 1.6Kg

POP EYE TROLLI | box 21x75g

Eyes stuffed in sachets.

Quantity: 21 sachets of 75g (4 eyes in each sachet)

Designation: Gum

Allergens: Does not contain gluten and lactose.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Always check the conditions of the product on the packaging due to possible changes by the brand.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup; sugar; jelly; acidulant: citric acid, lactic acid; gelling agent: pectin; coloring foods (black currant, black carrot, saffron, safflower, red radish, red grape, cherry, lemon, spirulina); aromas;

coating agent: beeswax, white and yellow, carnauba wax.